Journalism Sites Worth Visiting

Hey people!

So for our first assignment I’m supposed to talk about good journalism or news sights that myself and other teenagers like to use.

Generally, I’m not the type of person who googles each day to see what exciting things are happening in the world. Maybe I should… but realistically that’s probably not about to happen anytime soon. So while CNN and BBC and such are useful, I thought I’d focus on sites I do actually find news on.

My main source tends to be Yahoo!News, because that’s what pops up everytime I open my browser. I don’t always read every artice but I do have a fondness for those Odd News pieces. In fact, if you go to the odd news page right now and look at the 5th video you can find out about real life sleeping beauties, don’t try to tell me that isn’t interesting!!

I also absorb a lot of news of off, what else, Facebook! Although its more of a bad habit than an educational sight I really do get pieces of news from here. Seeing as I have a very small attention span I am easily sidetracked and will almost always click on the link to an article somebody has just read. This gets me to read more serious articles because if I see something one of my smarter friends reads something important I might actually do some investigating! Imagine that..

On the other hand, if I already know about an event that has taken place I like to use,, and if looking for local news,

And, finally, when I’m just feeling girly, OMG!, is the best website ever!  Click on this link to see horrible fashion mistakes by the Jonas Brothers and more! You know you want to!



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