High School Journalism

Hi Everyone!

Today I will be talking about a few high school journalism sights that I really enjoy and think they have great aesthetics. I hope that as Pleasant Valley’s SAGA online newspaper develops we will be able to incorporate and integrate these ideas and formats into our website. Our school’s newspaper has been around as long as the school itself but this is our first year with an online version, we all have a lot to learn!

The first page I’d like to acknowledge is one of a SF highschool, The Urban School of San Francisco. You can find their newpaper, The Urban Legend, by clicking on the link here, http://www.urbanlegendnews.org/. This website is very well organized with easy to reach stories. Their heading and scrolling “Top Stories” with pictures are nice but my favorite part is the involvement level. On the website there are opportunities to vote in polls and comment on stories along with updates from school twitter accounts on a side bar. I think this is definitely something to do with our website because if the student body has a voice they might begin to care more, and hopefully, visit our page more frequently.

Another professional looking page I have found is Legacy High School’s paper, The Rider Online, from Mansfield, Texas. The link is http://www.therideronline.com/. This site is so well organized and it looks amazing! Thier banner coupled with a large picture at the top makes it feel approachabel to read and easy to navigate. They have stories seperated into categories along with an Instagram feed (we should definitely do this!) and interactive stories.

My third site is one from Shalhevet High School in California, The Boiling Point. While this newpaper isn’t exciting it is clean cut and well organized, and sometimes thats okay. We are dealing with news and content is important too! One of the main things that cought my eye was they have a side bar with different videos. If we can take advantage of having a website instead of paper by adding videos than by all means that is one of my first priorities with our paper. You can find the boiling point here http://www.shalhevetboilingpoint.com/.


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