Is My Blue Your Blue?

When we are born, our parents become our first teachers. They teach us our mother language and give us the basis of our knowledge of the world around us. And with each bit of information they hand us we latch onto it and carry it with us forever, most of it becoming subconscious in the file folders of intelligence in the backs of our brains.One of the first things they bring to our attention, as soon as we can speak a few short words back to them, along with animal sounds and letters, are our colors. You start with the rainbow, 8 simple colors, and keep going, as they point to the objects in your surroundings, demanding to know the hue of each.

They hand us the ABC blocks and explain that this one is blue, that one is green, and the other one is red. But have you ever considered that the standard blue I learned is not the same color you see when you see something that you consider blue. My orange may be the color of your green, yet when we learned the colors of each thing around us we learned the like names of things, creating an illusion of common colors.

In theory, I could have a sky that looks just like your purple, you could have a sky that looks just like my green, and when we both name the color of the sky we simultaneously report back “blue”. I’m not sure this is something we’ll ever find the truth in, and if we can it will take an extreme amount of scientific research. However, I’ll always wonder if my purple looks like your purple, my orange looks like your orange, my yellow looks like your yellow…

Is my blue your blue?Image


What Teens are Talking About

So we’ve been assigned an extremely repetitive story about what teens are talking about and where they find their news. I already discussed where teens find their news but for the sake of my GPA I guess I’ll go through with it. To tell the truth teens don’t talk about news at all. They talk about the latest gossip and who’s hot and who’s not. If we need to know something, we Google it to find the shortest possible way to the answer. Largely known world news is general passed by word of mouth and supplemented with Yahoo! News headlines. The occasional, rarely found species of globally aware humans between 9th and 12th grade may check CNN or BBC the honest state of today’s world is that teens are not conscious about what goes on around them


PV’s Homecoming

For my high school, Pleasant Valley, our Homecoming was on September 28th against West Valley and we were absolutely creamed. One good highlight of the game was our only touchdown by Matt Henderson, a 95 yard rush! Other than that it was a strictly social event with the main attraction of the crowning of princesses and the queen! And because that is what all girls care about most it is what I’ll be talking about today.

Freshman princess was Charlotte Roberts looking stunning in a floor length aquamarine gown. Sophomore princess was Seryna Aceves in a high- low pinky purple dress with black stilettos to accompany it. The junior princess was Malori Wagner, more popularly known as Malori Swagner. She wore a black and gold high low dress and strappy beige wedges.

The three queen nominees were Katie Finney, Maddy Cowee, and Jessica Gallaway. Katie donned a deep purple floor length gown, Jessica a butter cream yellow one, and Maddy a bright red gown. All three girls looked gorgeous!

Maddy’s jaw dropped as her name was called and she was crowned Senior Homecoming Queen.