You Know What’s Better than Tofu?


And that’s my most honest, down to earth answer I can give you. I mean, why on earth would God put as at the top of the food chain, only to have us save every little animal and result to consuming a bland, tasteless concoction such as tofu?

Tofu, also called bean curd, is a food made by coagulating soy juice and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. ” – Wikipedia on ‘Tofu’.

As you can see, the process even sounds disgusting! Either we can have a nice hearty slab of steak, a truly natural thing for humans to eat, or we can coagulate some of our soy juices for our dinner. Your choice.

Now I can’t argue that tofu tastes terrible, more accurately I see it as the equivalent of water in the food world. I’ve had it served deliciously in miso soup and wraps from Chico’s T. Bar Fusion and Cafe; but when simply served as tofu. No, thanks though. And when, as humans, we have just about every animal at our fingertips, I see absolutely no problem in enjoying a nice juicy steak, some pork roast, bacon, or some beer can chicken. Not to mention the staple it can provide in so many delicious meals.

If your a health nut and you love your tofu, I see no problem with it. But when you go so far as to substitute it into cold lasagna and limpy sandwiches? That is simply a disgrace to the human palate!

I just really don't like tofu okay?

I just really don’t like tofu okay?

On the other hand, if you resort to tofu because  you’re against animal cruelty and what not, I halfway respect you. As you may have assumed so far due to my angst against tofu, I’m honestly not a raging tyrant against animals. I’m all for treating animals well in the process (although I do have a soft spot for veal piccata) but in the end, I like having meat on my plate and I’m not going to change the end result in my meal for it.



So after a half hour or so of writer’s block on what I should write about in my newest post I decided to break down and use a Random Topic Generator for my blog. It was actually quite cool! Anyhow, the topic I was given was “A Word that Means Something to You”. 

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a few other students in the third grade. One of the boys posed the question “What is your favorite word?” I then countered with the question of whether he meant how it sounded or what it meant. My answers? Spittoon if for how it sounded and love if for what it meant. Today I think I might choose ambidextrous for how it sounds and spirited for what it means…

But as for a word that truly means something to me, a large one comes to mind; spunk. And I mean large in meaning, not in length! 

My grandma on my mom’s side, affectionately known as Grandma Gum Gum, or in the case of lisping cousins at one time Damna Dumb Dumb, has always been described as spunky, or a spitfire. She died when I was 18 months old but with a family as large as mine, I’ve gotten to know her, in a way, through every story told at a loud family party or talking with the aunts. Ever since I was little, the word spunk has been associated with her. And because I respect her so much, it’s been a goal of mine to be spunky as well. I don’t really think that I am but the stories and memories are still so inspiring!

From stealing the money from her parent’s store to buy a radio, to buying cakes from a bakery on her school’s charge account to be delivered at the back door. From beating up the neighborhood bully to defying the nuns in Catholic school. From biking across Europe to raising 12 children. Every story is full of character! 

She was beautiful, loving, strong, unique, and so many other things. But in my mind, SPUNKY will always stand out! I may not be the spitfire she was, but we share blood, so I can only hope we share a few of her wonderful qualities. ❤

And spunk will always bring a thousand other words to mind for me.Image