My 15 Minutes of Fame

Well the lovely random blog topic generator has given me the topic of “My Fifteen Minutes of Fame” and it’s a good thing I have a great story to go along with that!

I really should stop using the blog topic generator but I have no brainpower to choose something of my own at this moment in time as I am running on about 3 hours of sleep.

So… my fifteen minutes of fame.

It all began in 7th grade Student Government, when I decided to take on the responsibility of the Canned Food Drive. Things went exceptionally well and we collected almost a thousand cans for the Salvation Army Food Drive! My friend, and partner for the project, Gillie, and I went on down to the mall parking lot and helped sort all the food to continue in the process of giving back. During this event, at some point, somebody snapped a picture of me and apparently a few people thought it was pretty good.

Fast forward a year later, 8th grade, winter time or so.  I got called into the principal’s office to receive some information on a site council meeting and left my English class to fetch the paperwork. As I walked through the doorway he greeted me, saying, “Hey there superstar!” I was immediately a little bit creeped out because really, who says that to a student? I awkwardly sat down and asked him what he was talking about. He proceeded to tell me that he saw my billboards around town and that they looked great as I got increasingly confused. I explained to him that I was sure I hadn’t modeled for any billboards and we laughed over the matter. Surely he must have mistaken somebody else for me.

Later that day one of my friends texted me, telling me she had just seen 3 billboards for Tri Counties Bank, with my face on them, as she drove home. Now the situation was getting weird, so after learning the location of one my mom, sisters and I drove by a car dealership in town. Sure enough, the giant billboard for our local bank featured a larger than life picture of me, staring down at me. It was the weirdest feeling to see myself on something as huge as a billboard, for all of Chico to see.

Throughout the next few days we found a total of 3 billboards of me around town. A week or so later, as we were driving out of town we saw two more along the highway a few towns over. My parents began to talk to the bank and a lawyer because they were pretty upset that nobody had gotten permission to use the photo.

Meanwhile, I was busy soaking up all of the attention it brought me! After 15 days of being on a billboard it was removed so that the bank could avoid legal complications with my parents. However, to this day I enjoy telling the story of my 15 Days  of fame on the billboards!


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