A Shout Out to the Best of the Best

One of my closest friends is a girl I’ve been lucky enough to know for almost my entire life. Her name is Jessica. We are one year and one day apart, and when I first met her there is no way I could have known how much she would affect my life. She isn’t the girl I spend every day at school with or every weekend with but she is a part of my small history, and she will continue to be a part of it through the rest of my life’s journey. As little girls we would spend almost every day together, running around our street playing and making mischief for our parents. She’s the older one so she assumed the role of responsibility in everything we did, and it became one of the few places in my life where I wasn’t the leader; I was perfectly fine with that. She has always been an enormous role model for me; she excels at everything from soccer to violin, from school to being a genuine, wonderful person. As a little girl I mimicked much of what she did, a lot like the typical younger sister that I would never be and she would never have. As we have grown up our relationship has evolved and become stronger and better through the years. We both bring an easy going attitude, humor, and spontaneity to the table. When one of us calls the other up to go for a jet ski ride, climb Mt. Tallac, or go on a late night bike adventure we are always ready to go. We are some of the most laid back people, let alone high school girls, and have a relationship that hasn’t had a speck of drama since 2nd grade or so. Now that we are older we don’t see each other as often because of our busy schedules; however this has only proven that our friendship is one of the strongest around. We can go a few months without seeing each other, but as soon as we reconnect we can’t stop talking. From a quick morning coffee to catch up, to our long weeks in Tahoe; we never tire of each other’s company. I am currently applying for a scholarship to study abroad next year and if I get accepted to go to Germany I will miss her incredibly, but I know that when I come back nothing will have changed, and that despite being over 5,000 miles apart she will have my back for every step of this journey.




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