College Junk Mail

As I check my mailbox each day I can almost always count on a flood of college junk mail. From the colorful brochures to letters that seem to be copy pasted from school to school to the dozens of emails, multiple from the same school. If you were to look at my gmail account it is almost entirely filled with emails from universities such as Drexell and Rochester.

I’m sure that any other student between 9th and 12th grade with fairly decent grades can relate. To a degree, I can understand the brochures and posters filled with photos and interesting facts to universities in prime locations. However, when I open letter after letter that seem to be taken directly from the same format with new college names substituted in, I begin to feel annoyed. Each letter says the exact same thing and no, thank you, but I am not in the mood to take 100 different “What College is Right for You?” and “What is your learning personality?” quizzes nor do I want handbooks on reading other handbooks or receiving free posters.

I think that if colleges wish to capture the attention of high school students facing that important decision they need to be original and captivating. If each letter drew me in, if each brochure shouted to me,  I would definitely not be so anti-college mail.

I take choosing my future university extremely seriously and I do appreciate the fact that these letters get me thinking about places I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. However when they have people dedicated to recruiting new students I think that they should take advantage of the situation to portray the character and personality of the school instead of an empty shell.


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