My Favorite City


I was born in the beautiful, magnificent, energetic, all around wonderful city of San Francisco. From when I was brought home from the hospital to when I was 6 months old my parents and I lived in an adorable cottage on 17th street in the Mission district. Before my first birthday my parents made the horrible mistake of moving 3 hours north to Chico to raise a family. These days I would much rather be a city kid growing up in San Francisco than be growing up in this slow paced, uninteresting town. However, since I have no choice in this matter (yet), I make do with the time I do get to spend in the city. Although I was only a baby for the short time I lived there I credit my love for this city to the San Franciscan blood in me and will always consider it my hometown.

When I go back to visit my city I am instantly happier and find myself never wanting to leave. I definitely hope to will live there at some point in my life. From the Tenderloin to the Mission to the Fillmore District. From Union Square to Golden Gate Park.


It’s not that I have to be doing something exciting while I’m there because the whole city embodies everything that I love. I love the hilly streets and the crowded sidewalks, the boutiques and insanely good hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and most of all I love the people. In San Francisco there is practically no such thing as weird. I have seen the craziest things there, from the most bizarre costumes to nothing at all during a Bay to Breakers bike ride. Besides some completely different looking people, I enjoy the personalities. I have found that despite the assumptions that city people might not be friendly, just about everybody is. I have had the pleasure of conversing with the most random of strangers on BART, in coffee shops, or simply on the street.


One of my favorite parts of the city is the beautiful architectural designs and original paint colors of the houses lining each street. Future home someday? I think yes.


When I visit, my family and I try not to become complete tourists. We may not live there anymore but we sure do know our way around that city. North Beach, the Tenderloin, and the Mission district are a few of our favorite places.

For those looking to visit the city I recommend just about any place in North Beach for wonderful Italian food, Truly Mediterranean for great shawarmas in the Mission, and the streets of Haight and Ashbury, as well as the Mission for incredible thrifting opportunities! I also enjoy picnics in the Mission Dolores Park and walking the streets for hours. I think that the number one thing about San Francisco’s physical attributes is to be on a busy street, surrounded by unbeatable energy one moment, and running through the waves after a drive through Golden Gate Park less than an hour later.

San Francisco feels like home, it feels like freedom, and it feels like love.

And photo credits to Jake Dotson!


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