Barnaby Collins


For my blog today I will be telling the story of the above picture. This is because I was looking at a website of really wonderful writing prompts when I came across this one. This picture really speaks to me and I have absolutely no idea why. I haven’t done creative writing since 6th grade English and you could take this in countless directions so let’s see where I have the story go.

Barnaby Collins is a 73 year and 364 day old man with a beautiful home, a complicated story, some sewing skills from his 7th grade Home Economics class and a phobia of turning 74 without leaving legacy as a 73 year old.  Today is the morning of the eve of his 74th birthday, October 17th. As his alarm clock rang he simply morphed the sound into that of a motorcycle, the motorcycle in his dream to be more specific. He imagined his Legacy Number 21; it had been great and each year they continued to get greater.  And then, like every Birthday Eve, he awoke with a jolt.

He stiffly climbed out of bed, eased into his housecoat, shuffled out the door to grab the Sunday paper, and shuffled back to his kitchen counter. As he began reading of the latest Chicago murder he casually checked the date in the far left corner. To his astonishment, the day read to be October 16th, so close to the day he feared. As he aged he began to find that he easily let the days slip away from him, and ever since Mae passed away in August he had been even more of a recluse than ever before.

The worst part of it all was that he had had over 350 days to prepare for this day, 350 24 hours segments to prepare for a few epic hours that would save him from his worst fear. As he paced through his house he ran through ever Legacy he had ever done, from the time he toilet papered the Statue of Liberty to the time he saved a large group of people from the burning Lincoln Hotel to the time he changed all of the ads on billboards to incredibly nice yet bizarre ads. It wasn’t that he loved to draw attention to himself, it was that he was deathly afraid of going a year with nothing to say for it. These actions were for himself to know he could change lives, inspire people, and make them laugh.

And as he thought about the underlying goal in his Legacies he simultaneously caught sight of his several pairs of stretchy blue plastic dish washing gloves. In less than 5 minutes his home economics side began to shine through and a few hours later, so did the hero inside of him. With a blue superhero suit and mask he knew what he wanted to do before the age of 74 came over him. He wanted to restore hope in every child in Chicago, he was going to be a superhero.

He changed into the suit and came to be sitting here, at his breakfast nook. With a newly drawn out plan to show Chicago that heroes do exist he peels an orange because in ever he has ever read, no hero has ever been short on their vitamin C.


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