How I Deal With the Unnecessary Drama of a High School Life

After an atypical, high-school-drama-ridden day, I decided to write about what I generally do to relax after a stress filled day, or week, or any length of unbearably frustrating time.

Today, the problem was boys and betrayals and both came almost completely unrelated to the other. My friends are almost always easy going and I almost never face any sorts of problems that your average high school girl does. Today, was very, very different.

I knew it wasn’t destined to be a good Monday. Then again, are Mondays ever?

To deal with everything going on I started with a possibly rash, but needed confrontation. This, luckily, brought about apologies and less drama rather than more.

I then proceeded to reread a girly novel that has a magical ability to make me feel better at any time before proceeding with my day.

Later today I met up with my best friend, because who doesn’t need girl talk in the midst of drama ( not to mention some much needed Chem review) with the one person you know you can trust? We followed this with a short episode of Parks and Recreation because Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson can make the worst of days so much better!

Now, I happen to be catching up on assignments to raise grades, with the ever looming pressure to succeed hanging over my head. However, for others facing dramatic, stressful situations, I recommend long baths, stress eating various forms of chocolate, and watching old episodes of The Office and Parks and Recreation that can be found on Netflix and Hulu.


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