Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 2.0


So it’s been almost a month since my semifinalist interview with a panelist of interviewers in Palo Cedro. While I was supposed to hear back by yesterday, I haven’t heard a word from the CBYX officials. Needless to say my already off the charts anxiousness has skyrocketed even further! I just want to know. I want to hear them telling me I am indeed spending my junior year abroad! And if it’s a no, I still want to know so that I have a clear idea of what my junior year of high school will hold! (If I don’t go to Germany, I plan on being a full International Baccalaureate student.)

I think that I had a strong application and successful interview, but I feel nervous getting too confident in being accepted. At the same time, I lose confidence each day I don’t hear back.

This feels like the nerd version of “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.” I’m not waiting on some guy but waiting for the results of what could be a life changing experience!

I’ll continue to hover over my phone and email and let you know as soon as possible!


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