Another Family


So, if you are tired of my constant posting about my future in Germany, you may as well navigate away from this post. I truly am sorry if I am boring you, but it is the only thing I can think about again. Actually, what am I even saying? Nobody reads this!

In one of our Facebook groups today, a girl posted about receiving an email from her host family letting her know where she will be staying and who they are.

Obviously, this sent me back into a major excited, frantic, obsessive frenzy. After I found out I had received the scholarship and obsessed over it for a week or two I finally stopped driving my friends insane with my tunnel vision.

Now, they may have to get used to this again. I knew I would be going to Germany and didn’t see a reason to stress about the details. But now, it’s been brought to my attention that I still am waiting to find out who my new host family will be and where I will be living.

This is obviously a huge, probably the largest, part of what my life is going to be like next year! How was this not consuming my every thought before?

With my application over there, are families looking through my application along with others, deciding who they would like to take in for the year? I expressed who I am to the best of my ability in that, however all they are looking at is a paper and ink version of me. Will we really be compatible? I swear, this is online dating, minus the romance and plus the year long commitment before meeting.

So needless to say, I may as well immediately give up on my grades while I obsess over exactly where I will be. I am so going to be that typical foreign exchange student google mapping my new home and school every day to see what they look like once I find out!

So ayo future host family, if you’re out there, email me (and choose me).


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