Plans A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L & M


As this school year is coming to a close (35 days for me!) a few things are on everybody’s minds. Firstly, the long, wonderful summer days, even longer nights, and adventures waiting to happen. Secondly, and perhaps in a practical sense more importantly, grades. As I look at my mountain of homework piling up for this weekend combined with my counselor’s announcement that colleges will only be looking at my sophomore year grades due to my year abroad, the stress is growing exponentially!

With all the stress swirling around me its good to remember the important things in life, not to mention my 13 life back up plans. Every time I feel like I am failing at everything I do, I think of ways I can still live a strange but wonderful life WITHOUT that degree from NYU that I want so badly.

Here it is:

1. Move to the beach and surf and live in a hut.
 2. Become an accordion player in Central Park.
 3. Move to a trailer park in the south, work at Winn Dixie.
 4.Spend my life working at a diner in Santa Monica.
 5. Become a blogger and travel the globe by way of hitchhiking.
 6. Marry Mason, divorce Mason, be rich.
7. Move to SF and write for the hobo newspaper.
8. Go to Butte (GASP).
 9. Prove I’m related to Prince William and go live in Buckingham Palace.
 10.Buy a submarine and lots of cats with inheritance.
 11. Form a hunting and gathering group with Haylee Schimmel and Zach Bettner in Bidwell Park, star in a TLC show “Keeping up with the Nomads”.
12. If worst comes to worst, join a convent.
13. I will not worry my life away and I will magically transform into one of these happy, carefree old men from Jason Mraz’s “The Remedy” music video.

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