Glove Compartment (And its Inaccurate Name)


Well here I am, 10 years late, finally appreciating the beauty of Death Cab for Cutie’s 2003 song “Titles and Registration”. I’ve been sitting at my desk, researching colleges to try and maybe figure out my future, and as always, this activity is accompanied with music. The playlist du jour happens to be The Lumineers radio on Pandora. With music from Mumford & Sons, Imagine Dragons, The Head &The Heart, Tristan Prettyman, and Of Monsters & Men to name a few, this station is by far my favorite. I listened as I always do, halfway paying attention to the familiar music, occasionally pausing to appreciate lyrics to a song I particularly like.

Then, Death Cab for Cutie came on. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really listened to them and now I’m not sure why. I love it when a song has the most peculiar lyrics, that are so obviously true, yet so entirely random that they make you stop in your tracks. This is “Titles and Registration.”

The glove compartment is inaccurately named
And everybody knows it.
So i’m proposing a swift orderly change.Cause behind its door there’s nothing to keep my fingers warm
And all i find are souvenirs from better times
Before the gleam of your taillights fading east
To find yourself a better life.

I was searching for some legal document
As the rain beat down on the hood
When i stumbled upon pictures i tried to forget
And that’s how this idea was drilled into my head

Cause it’s too important
To stay the way it’s been

There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade
And now that it’s gone it’s like it wasn’t there at all
And here i rest where disappointment and regret collide
Lying awake at night

There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade
And now that it’s gone it’s like it wasn’t there at all
And here i rest where disappointment and regret collide
Lying awake at night (up all night)
When i’m lying awake at night.

It’s short, smart, carefully crafted, and absolutely perfect. It tells this story that can be deep or just lay there, depending on how you want to listen. And I like it, I like it a lot.



Hucks and Such


So I finally found out who my host family is a few weeks ago. Actually, I suppose “finally” isn’t a very accurate word to use seeing as I am one of the exchange students who was fortunate enough to learn who they will be living with early on in the process. My family is the Hucks and I have a dad, Torsten, a mom, Sylvia, and two older sisters, Julia (18) and Larissa (16). Larissa and I will actually be the same age while I am there, but I consider her older since she has been 16 for a while, and I just turned 16 yesterday! They live in the very center of Germany, in a small town called Kaufungen. Kaufungen has a population of just 34,260 people and is very beautiful and quaint (or so it looks from the Google Map stalking I have been partaking in). It is 15 km away from a larger town called Kassel which is where I will go to school. Their house is at the top of a hill and I get my own bedroom and bathroom (wooo!). I will actually end up having more space there than in my own home here, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The house is across the street from a beautiful spread of forest, and it is all super green and filled with trees. I can’t wait to explore over there!

The whole family seems extremely kind and I have been able to connect with both of my sisters on Facebook. Larissa and I have been chatting a bit and because I like to run and so do they she signed me up to run a 5k with her and Julia when I get there! The whole family seems very active and the father, Torsten, has even mentioned running the Kassel Marathon in April with me! I think I need to up my training….

Yesterday I was able to speak with them for the first time via Skype call! We set it up so that we called at 11 am (our time) and 8 pm (their time). Larissa was a few hours away, visiting a friend, but facetimed with us so that she could still see me. They opened all singing Happy Birthday to me and waving sparklers and streamers ( in their words “special effects”.) It was so sweet and wonderful and made me feel really comfortable and excited about living with them for a year of my life. I think that we will be very compatible and am so excited for this experience to begin!

Oh and by the way, 76 DAYS!




BLOG MAY WEEK 2                                                                                                                                      Image

Don’t run, stop holding your tongue

Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

With what you want to say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

Innocence, your history of silence
Won’t do you any good
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

I’ve loved Sara Bareilles and her music ever since I was first introduced by my dad (who is responsible for most of my taste in music). She’s a pop artist, but in the loosest sense of the word. Her songs are catchy and fun, but they still have a bit more substance and talent than your average pop artist of today.

My current favorite song of hers is Brave which is her newest release, a single. The lyrics posted above this are from it and I love the message that it sends. It makes me think about all of those times where you want to say what you are really thinking, yet the situation (and your tact) holds you back from saying what needs to be said. What would the world be like if we felt more free to express exactly what we are feeling and thinking? Another situation it brings up is the next year of my life (sorry for the ever occurring references). But here, living with the people I’ve always lived with, speaking in the language I’ve always known I have become a fairly vocal person. I’m opinionated and loud and while that’s not always for the best, it gets me places. My entire personality is going to be altered as I fly over to Germany. I speak about 5 words of German and so freely speaking my opinion is going to be harder for multiple reasons. Not only will I not be able to formulate a sentence that accurately describes what I am thinking for the first few months, but as the ultimate New Girl – in an entirely new country with nobody I know – I’m going to want to be likable. I’m curious to see if this will make me a tad bit quieter in the long run. When I come back will I still be going off on the longest tangents possible or antagonizing my sister over her bad fashion sense? Or will this teach me to hold my tongue when necessary?

For her music video for Brave, Sara worked with Rashida Jones as her director. Rashida, in my opinion is absolutely amazing. She is an actress who played the role of Karen Filippelli on The Office and Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation along with several other characters in various movies. She is drop dead gorgeous and I would give anything to be her identical twin or maybe just her best friend. Anyways, enough with my obsession over Rashida. She did a wonderful job on the music video and I’ll include the music video and the behind the scenes video right here.

The Music Video:

Behind The Scenes:

Oh and by the way let’s please take a moment to appreciate their amazing style. I need their wardrobes.


Who I will miss every single day (Jake)

I think know that when I go to Germany the main person I will miss is my BFF Jake Dotson. He is so amazing and even though he insults me every few seconds I still think he is the coolest person the Chico Milky Way galaxy has ever had live in it. He is really attractive and I love how muscular he is. Also, he has a really nice forehead and haircut. He legitimately has the best taste in music plus he reintroduced me to MIKA so he has a lot of swag.

The coolest part about Jake is that he has the best family on the planet, and the best brother, and the best house, and the best alpacas. Why is he so cool? Why didn’t I get to be as cool as he is? My life sometimes feel like its hopeless when I compare it to Jake’s life.

He has high hopes for his future and I just know he will get into Stanford and not have to go to community college or anything like that. He is kind and never insults me and is just the type of friend that everybody needs. He is so perfect.


*voice drips with sarcasm*


Je voudrais ecrivez une poste en francais aujourd-hui parce que la  francais et meillure que l’anglais! Je vais ecrire au sujet de ma nouvelle famille allemande pour le prochain an.

Il y a deux jours ma famille d’accueil m’envoyent un e-mail au sujet de ma nouvelle maison et l’ecole et qui ils sont!
Je vais avoir une mere Sylvia, un pere Torsten, et deux soeurs. Elles s’appellent Julia et Larissa. Julia a 18 ans et Larissa a 16 ans.

Je vais habite dans la ville Kaufungen. C’est une tres petit ville avec seulement 34,260 gens! Je vais avoir une chambre et une salle de bain. Je suis tres heureux ce je n’ai besoin de partager une salle de bain!

Je suis tres tres excite pour mon depart dans Aout! Je vais sorti dans 90 jours!!

J’ai parle avec mon soeur Larissa il y a trois jours et elle est tres sympa et drole! Il sera comme avoir une soeur jumelle! Et nos noms sont tres similaire. Peut-etre nous allons embrouille les gens!

Aussi, ma famille vont des lapins et un hamster! C’est tres bon!

Bon Soir!