Hucks and Such


So I finally found out who my host family is a few weeks ago. Actually, I suppose “finally” isn’t a very accurate word to use seeing as I am one of the exchange students who was fortunate enough to learn who they will be living with early on in the process. My family is the Hucks and I have a dad, Torsten, a mom, Sylvia, and two older sisters, Julia (18) and Larissa (16). Larissa and I will actually be the same age while I am there, but I consider her older since she has been 16 for a while, and I just turned 16 yesterday! They live in the very center of Germany, in a small town called Kaufungen. Kaufungen has a population of just 34,260 people and is very beautiful and quaint (or so it looks from the Google Map stalking I have been partaking in). It is 15 km away from a larger town called Kassel which is where I will go to school. Their house is at the top of a hill and I get my own bedroom and bathroom (wooo!). I will actually end up having more space there than in my own home here, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. The house is across the street from a beautiful spread of forest, and it is all super green and filled with trees. I can’t wait to explore over there!

The whole family seems extremely kind and I have been able to connect with both of my sisters on Facebook. Larissa and I have been chatting a bit and because I like to run and so do they she signed me up to run a 5k with her and Julia when I get there! The whole family seems very active and the father, Torsten, has even mentioned running the Kassel Marathon in April with me! I think I need to up my training….

Yesterday I was able to speak with them for the first time via Skype call! We set it up so that we called at 11 am (our time) and 8 pm (their time). Larissa was a few hours away, visiting a friend, but facetimed with us so that she could still see me. They opened all singing Happy Birthday to me and waving sparklers and streamers ( in their words “special effects”.) It was so sweet and wonderful and made me feel really comfortable and excited about living with them for a year of my life. I think that we will be very compatible and am so excited for this experience to begin!

Oh and by the way, 76 DAYS!


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