Pinch Punch First of the Month!


June 1st.

A seemingly ordinary day that is sending waves of emotion across me. I am seriously beginning to freak out. Please be nice to me if you see me crying hysterically or having a mental breakdown in the next 2 months, especially in this next week.

Why? Because June 1st means I can no longer say “2 1/2 months away from leaving” with a bit of truth stretching involved to keep myself calm. June 1st means 2 months. I’m over the top excited and nervous at the same time.

I feel really comfortable with my host family. I got a package in the mail from them a day ago for my birthday! It included a letter to my parents along with a photo album partially filled with pictures of my town, house, family, amazing room, and other parts of Kassel and Kaufungen, with more space for me to fill up with pictures from while I am there! I also got a travel make up bag and a great collection of delicious German candy – Haribo gummy bears, Nutella, and some excellent looking German chocolate. I know that I will be fully welcomed into my family and the town and the opportunities that await me make me feel so thrilled!

It’s just that at the same time, as I look around my high school and realize I have 4 days left there, it brings me down a little. This is goodbye to so many seniors, and then to a whole boatload of juniors that I have also grown close to.   Y’know those people who you aren’t necessarily good friends with, but once or twice have spent an entire class period talking to? Those are the people I’m gonna miss. I mean I’m going to miss my family and close friends the most, but I have the summer for that. These others, I’ve got 2 classes left with each of them. If that. I’m gonna miss my English family, my History family, my Chem family, my French family, my Trig family, my cross country family and my track family, my Saga family, and my Mock Trial family. Just about every one of the people in each of these classes has been wonderful to know.

It’s not good bye forever to the people in my grade, but 10 months is a long time. And as for the juniors and seniors, I want to never say good bye, but realistically this is it.

I’m starting to feel like I get to have 3 years of good byes in a row and they are not my favorite thing. However, “hellos” are pretty great so I think I’ll stick with the adventure for that part of the ride.


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