Giants World Series Parade 2k14

I’ve been a Giants fan since birth, so when they won the World Series in 2010 it was extremely exciting. When they won again in 2012 it was kind of unbelievable. My dad and I made the trip down to the city to participate in all the festivities that the parade day entailed and I’d never felt so much energy in San Francisco before – it was incredible. It was in 2012 that all the jokes began about making this happen every other year, I figured a pattern like that would be nearly impossible to uphold. Yet here we are again, in 2014, and the Giants have pulled it off once more.

The decision of whether or not to make the trek back to San Francisco again was an easy one – we had to of course. This time my mom and little sister tagged along as well and we really got into the entire celebration. We painted our faces and wore as much Giants gear as we could possibly manage too and danced around in the rain, made friends with the fans around us, ate street food, and listened to the amazing speeches from the various players who got up to speak. We participated in Pence’s Yes, Yes, Yes! campaign, showed Panda our love in hopes of him remaining on the team, cheered for Bumgarner’s MVP award, and celebrated this win like no other!!

At the very end of the show, after the TV coverage had ended, Train appeared and played Save me San Francisco” and “We are the Champions” as the whole city sang along. The day was amazing and was a perfect continuation of my efforts in going out and doing things, despite my return to everyday life in America.

I might have to go to school for a while now though to make up for all of these absent days. I’d say it’s more than worth it though. 🙂


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