University of Portland

After years of envisioning myself on the east coast for college I’ve finally almost completely decided on attending school in the PNW in the beautiful city of Portland. University of Portland is offering me a great scholarship and I feel really drawn to their small school size, gorgeous campus, and of course, location. Over Thanksgiving Break I got to tour the campus with my family and I completely fell in love. The school is over a hundred years old and is located on a bluff that is across the river from Forest Park, looking out on the Portland skyline. The old brick buildings and sprawling lawns make me think of the school in Dead Poets Society which is a good enough connotation to convince me to immediately commit to the school. The people are all wonderfully friendly and their programs seem great.

I’ve been considering International Business for a while now, mostly because I want the chance to use my German (and potentially more languages) and the ability to work around the globe in my career. But as I continue to think about major choices, career choices, and finding what is ultimately best for me I am realizing that I worry about turning into some sort of corporate monster. I’m also realizing that my real passion will always lie with books, words, and writing. Because of this and for the sake of following my heart, I’ve decided to double major in English and Global Business and I am beyond excited to see where those fields of study will end up taking me.

I envision myself working for a publishing firm or a Patagonia or Title Nine type company while writing news pieces or fiction on the side. All of these very real decisions are making me unbelievably happy about whatever the next chapter of my life might hold and I can barely focus on the last semester of high school, much less the next several days of finals!


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