A Markus Zusak Appreciation Post


Markus Zusak is hands down one of my favorite authors I’ve read so far and all of his books make it onto my list of lifetime favorites. Zusak is probably best known for his novel, The Book Thief, which tells the story of Liesel Meminger, a German girl growing up in the midst of WWII, from the perspective of Death himself. The book is beautifully written and the story is rich in every aspect; it truly makes every reader appreciate the humanity and kindness that people have for each other as they help each other get through hard times.

For years The Book Thief remained at the top of my list of favorite books, although I never gave its author much thought. I simply assumed that Zusak was an older, accomplished author who had finally peaked. On the contrary, Markus Zusak is relatively young and his earlier novels are almost as wonderful as The Book Thief. As a side note, if you haven’t read The Book Thief do so immediately.

Zusak’s I Am The Messenger is a novel that tells the story of a boy growing up in a poorer area of Sydney who becomes caught up in the bettering of many different lives after he stops a bank robbery. This story is just as interesting and well written as The Book Thief and it also showcases more of Zusak’s Australian culture which is most noticeable in the dialogue between characters. Read this one too.

And to top it off, Zusak is quite possibly one of the cutest authors in the world. And his accent is fantastic.

markus zusak


People not Postcards

Most people collect postcards or souvenirs on their travels, but those have never mattered much to me. Instead, I prefer collecting the stories of the people I meet along the way.

I was at a train station near the Cinque Terre when a Swiss boy mistook me for a German girl and began to converse with me in “Hochdeutsch.” Having just finished my exchange year in Germany, an opportunity I was afforded through the CBYX scholarship, the language of choice barely fazed me and we chatted as we looked for the right platform and boarded our train together. We talked about our journeys, lives, and his spontaneous backpacking trip until he departed in Pisa. Our names never came up in conversation but I know that I will remember his story and adventurous spirit for a long time, simply because he made the train ride so much more compelling.

The Swiss boy is one of the many people that I met on the various trains throughout my adventures in Germany and other parts of Europe. Although I no longer remember many of their names, their faces and stories remain with me as some of the most valuable things I gained during my year abroad.

I am at my best, truly thriving, when I am surrounded by people of different places, different perspectives, and different backgrounds. I tend to search for the story in everybody, because whether or not it’s been told yet, I know that everyone has something to share with the world. My love for writing and tendency to converse with people of all types can be ascribed to my pursuit to find and share these diverse stories.

Deutsches Uni in meine Zukunft?

Ich schreibe mein Blogpost auf Deutsch heute, weil ich mein Deutsch üben will und weil ich mit die Englisch Sprache gelangweilt bin. Es hat auch was zu tun mit die Prospekt, dass ich nachstes Jahr in Deutschland studieren könnte.

In die letzten paar Monate, habe ich es schon mehrere Mal überlegt ob sowas für mich ist aber ich hatte immer ein bisschen Angst es wirklich zu machen. Nach ich meine Zusage von der Universität in Portland bekommen habe, habe ich nicht wieder an die Idee gadacht, in Deutschland zu studieren.
Bis in der letzte Woche. Ich habe ein bisschen mehr mit mein Eltern geredet und es scheint sehr möglich das UP viel zu teuer für uns wird. Obwohl ich so sehr dort studieren will, es wäre mir viel zu schwer das zum mein Eltern machen. Ich will überhaupt nicht dass sie vier Jahre lang Sorgen machen, um mein Studium zu bezahlen. Und ich will auch nicht ganz viel Studentenlohnen später zu haben.
Deswegen bin ich wieder auf den Idee gekommen, mein Studium in Deutschland zu machen. Dort ist es kostenlos, auch für Amerikaner wie ich und insgesamt wird es viel billiger als Uni in der USA.
Ich bin jetzt in der Prozess, mit die International Buro zu sprechen und ein paar Antworte finden aber ich bin ganz optimistich und glaube, dass wenn ich viel arbeite denn könnte es wirklich passieren.
Ich wäre so froh wenn es klappen konnte und freu mich schon auf mein Zukunft.