A Glass Castle


I spent today thoroughly enjoying the rainy, windy weather and it made for a peaceful Sunday, one where I felt perfectly content. Four main points made this day so enjoyable in such a simple way, the first being that church was followed with good coffee and delicious pastries at Tin Roof with my family. We chatted over our yummy breakfasts while the rain pattered against the roof and I could just tell that it was going to be a good day.

I spent my mid morning then making homemade panna cotta and a fresh mango puree to be served after dinner tonight. I never realized that making my favorite Italian dessert was as simple as it really is and the end product was to die for. With some freshly cut strawberries placed on top of the puree, the dessert was truly incredible.

After doing the prep work for the dish I decided to make use of the day in a more active way and headed out into the blustery weather for a 3 mile run. I ran one of my favorite loops from my house and the weather was absolutely perfect for running. It feels so nice to finally be getting into shape again and my legs feel stronger with each run. I jumped in the pool when I got home and I never realized that a freezing cold body of water in the middle of February could feel so good.

I finished up my day by reading the novel A Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. It is a heart wrenching and inspiring memoir about her childhood, where she and her 3 siblings grew up with an alcoholic father and absent minded mother, both whom were very against any conventional ways of living. She spent her childhood moving from town to town and living off of next to nothing until she finally made her way to New York City. It was one of those reads that makes you think for a long time after you finish the book and I’m still not sure what emotions I’m supposed to be feeling because of it. At any rate, the read was wonderful and I highly recommend this memoir.


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