So in continuing the topic of my day and a half in San Francisco, it’s only fitting to talk about the incredible meal that followed our time at USF. My great aunt and uncle live in the city and we had visited with them earlier that day as we were staying with them for the night. They’ve traveled the world together and we enjoyed swapping stories of European train mishaps and other tidbits worth mentioning. Of course, in time we landed on the subject of food and they recommended the Swiss restaurant Matterhorn.

We made reservations and showed up after an afternoon of browsing in shops and snacking on pork dumplings from OTD. A Swiss lady with a thick Germanic accent greeted us and led us to our table, through a restaurant adorned with Swiss wood carving designs and pictures of Switzerland throughout. Their menu featured an assortment of fondues and various sides to dip in it, each prepared specifically to be shared by two people.

We settled on the “Oh La La” option; a combination of Raclette and Camembert cheeses. It was a pretty mild mixture with just a hint of sharpness and it tasted phenomenal. We dipped baguette chunks, apple slices, and sausage into it and feasted until we couldn’t eat a single bite more.

The entire atmosphere of the restaurant was adorable and I enjoyed myself immensely. It was the perfect end to a spectacular day and I recommend this restaurant to anybody craving some Swiss or German comfort food.


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