USF: Another Option?


Taking advantage of our four day weekend, my mom and I decided to drive down to San Francisco for Friday and Saturday so that we could take a look at USF’s campus and spend some time in our favorite city. Since November, I’ve been pretty focused on University of Portland – I found it absolutely perfect and a little Dead Poets Society-esque when I toured it over Thanksgiving Break. Because of this, I went into the tour not expecting to love what I saw; I had mostly agreed to go look at it because it was a great excuse to spend some time in San Francisco and maybe even get to the beach.

I guess things really do never go as planned. I ended up loving the campus and loving the school. It was a beautiful, fog free day in the city and students were scattered around the lawns, studying or picnicking together. The campus was gorgeous and you really can’t beat the prospect of living in San Francisco for the next 4 years.

Academically, I find their small size and Jesuit values really appealing. They also have tons of study abroad options that could end up broadening my horizons more than I can imagine at this point in time. You can go on service trips around the world or in America and the diversity of students and cultures a USF student is exposed to seems incredible.

It’s a similar school to UP so for the next 2 months I presume I will continue going back and forth between the two. Secretly, though, I think my heart and soul may have already decided even though my mind might not be made up.


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