The Magic of Shady Creek

I was unbelievably lucky to be able to spend my last week up at Shady Creek Outdoor School as a cabin leader and it was one of the most phenomenal weeks and experiences of my life. The entire school is filled with the most positive, outgoing, and supportive naturalists and being around people like that has left a permanent smile upon my face. From getting to work closely with the encouraging naturalists to seeing the look on a child’s face when they really noticed the stars for the first time or finally came out of their shell enough to dance with the other campers filled me with exponential amounts of joy.

The week was certainly exhausting but it was worth every second of sleep deprivation. Each day consisted of cabin time with my group of 7 girls, accompanying naturalists and classes on different eco-classes throughout the day, leading rec activities, singing lots of songs and watching different performances, and mealtimes of course. With each day I grew closer and closer to the girls I was in charge of, the other cabin leaders, and the naturalists up at camp.

Working with kids and really getting to know them on a more individual level was life changing and made me realize that working with children is far more rewarding than I ever acknowledged before. I’m so thankful to have had this experience and can’t wait to be up there again.


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