New York, New York


I’m spending the first part of my spring break in Brooklyn this year and so far it has been a busy but incredible trip! I flew into LaGuardia late Friday night and hit the ground running with a late night tour of Pratt’s campus and the Brooklyn neighborhood close by to Luke’s dorm. We stayed up late chatting and it felt so great to catch up with my cousin after such a long time.

We devoted ourselves to Manhattan on Saturday and had an amazing day in the city. It was overcast and rained for the majority of the day, leaving the streets particularly empty. It felt like NYC had been put on pause for me so that I could really take in the sights without hoards of tourists vying their way through the sidewalks. We started our day with brunch at a cute place near Little Italy called Two Hands and I enjoyed some really good corn fritters there. Then we headed over to Chelsea and sauntered through the Chelsea Market and walked along the High Line Garden, just taking in the skyline of the city.

After our late morning ventures we headed across town to the MOMA and spent a few hours looking through the floors of remarkable art. I really liked the Jackson Pollocks that we saw and was enamored by Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup piece. There were so many amazing pieces and I was really happy to have had the opportunity to look at all of the incredible art.

We then stopped at a very Italian, higher-end pizza restaurant and had some amazing food before finishing our day with a stroll through Central Park. We headed back to Brooklyn in the evening and then spent the rest of the night enjoying Brooklyn and spending time with some of Luke’s friends.

Today we’ll be exploring Brooklyn and I’ll be sure to post again with how I like this borough too. 🙂


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