Shady Creek!


This week seemed to carry a theme of announcing my plans for next year to the world, so I’ll carry that right on over to my blog I guess. It feels like the question regarding my post-high school plans has been one I’ve been facing (and attempting to answer) for forever and the fact that I am finally able to confidently answer it marks a point of growing up. I am so ready to be able to move on to something a little bit more meaningful than my days currently spent in high school classrooms.

So, without further ado, next year I will be… not going to college!! Being able to announce this, and be excited about it, wasn’t something I ever imagined doing when I started high school. I had my sights set on some prestigious East Coast school and the potential of forgoing college, even if only for a year, was unimaginable.

Aside from not going to college, I will be working as a student naturalist at Shady Creek Outdoor School for the year. This means that I get to live in the woods and work with kids every day for an entire year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Upon receiving the news that I was being offered the position I proceeded to run around my house and yard and couldn’t stop bouncing around and grinning for the remainder of the evening. This was a far more excited reaction than that to any of my college acceptances- further proof that Shady Creek feels like where I truly belong.

I think its going to be an amazing year of growth and fun and September can’t get here fast enough.

After Shady Creek, I will be attending Seattle University and am also really looking forward to joining the small Jesuit school and living in such a cool city. So much to look forward to!

For now, I’m just focusing on passing my AP Statistics Final, but after that I’ll be able to celebrate these accomplishments and prospects.


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