Last night was my last (and first enjoyable) prom and it exceeded all of the expectations I had set for such a typical high school milestone. The biggest contributing factor in that may have been the fact that I got to be there with a great group of my closest friends and was free of the added stress that a date can bring to the table. After running the Girls on the Run 5K I joined Clare, Sacha, Nayeli, and Elaina to make corsages with fresh flowers from the farmers’ market. I was completely hopeless when it came to making something presentable with the flowers but with Sacha’s help I was able to complete my corsage and she made me the prettiest flower crown that complemented my dress perfectly.

We progressed to Haylee’s house to do make up and finish getting ready and headed over to Laxson and Chico State to take pictures around 5:30. We spent forever taking pictures all together but it was one of the best parts of the evening and we all really enjoyed ourselves!

Dinner at Broadway Heights was really nice, although in a group that large it was difficult to talk to everybody. Dinner was followed by Jon & Bon’s, Dutch Bros (to bring the energy levels back up) and movie rentals before we headed to the actual dance.

Originally, I was looking forward to the pre-prom and post-prom events but as it turned out, prom was really fun. There were enough people avoiding the disgusting grinding couples to where we could all dance together in a classier way. We jumped and danced and made fools of ourselves for the whole three hours and I thoroughly enjoyed myself – so much so that I didn’t want it to be over when we headed out at midnight.

Our whole group met up at Donut Nook afterwards for a delicious midnight snack. They were just taking batches out of the oven as we came out and the warm donuts were amazing. We ended up at Clare’s for a sleepover and spent the rest of the night and this morning watching movies from the early 2000’s and discussing the night’s events, which wrapped up the entire Prom experience perfectly.

I always brushed the idea of prom aside, thinking of it as one of those cliche high school events that everybody pretends to love. I am so happy that I was wrong and that I had such a memorable and fun night with a lot of my favorite people!


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