Mama’s Day!


Mother’s Day this year was really wonderful and while I missed my host mom Sylvia infinitely I was so happy and thankful to be able to spend the day with my mommy again! We started the day with donuts and coffee before church and were then able to get ourselves to the early mass so that we could enjoy the rest of the day without too much of an agenda. We got home and packed up a few picnic baskets and headed up to Stirling City’s Clotilde Merlo Park, a serene park we found a few years back, for an incredibly classy and equally delicious brunch. We lugged all of our food and other picnic accessories in and my dad proceeded to pour mimosas and fry up eggs and sausage. We added bear claws and fruit salad to the spread and sat down to our meal. Rousing conversations about Freud and other less-awkward-with-your-family topics ensued and it felt so good to all be able to take time out of our day and enjoy each other’s company. We walked around the park and then hung hammocks in the trees so that we could spread out and read books. It made me feel like I belonged in a very quintessential American family.

For her gift I made my mom a watercolor flower crown painting with a part of the lyrics to Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa in the middle. That song was the alarm we woke up to every morning of our adventure through Europe last summer so I thought it would be perfect to allude to all of our wonderful memories from that with my present. She loved it!

I was also able to talk with my host mom a little bit and she reminded me that I will always have a second “zu Hause” back with them in Germany.

It feels so amazing to know that I have an abundance of love and guidance from moms around the world – from my mommy-pie, my multitude of aunts, and my host mom- and I love and appreciate each one of them so much.


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