A Winding Road Trip to the Ocean


Growing up with countless storybook role models, I always wished that I lived in the sort of family where the mom might walk in one day to announce a spontaneous trip to the ocean, pack a picnic basked with delicious things to eat, and drive off to the beach with her children. I didn’t, so I lived vicariously through various characters and continued wishing.

A couple of weeks ago we made plans to spend my birthday weekend at Patrick’s Point and I was elated by the prospect of crashing waves and cloudy weather. Last minute hesitations from my family however, caused the trip to feel a bit spontaneous in the long run. Plagued by an excess of work, cleaning, and homework to tend to each one of them were able to come up with various excuses to abandon the weekend away for another humdrum few days at home.

Not to have my weekend at the ocean ruined, I rallied my sisters and parents and made sure that we made it to the coast if only for a night. So on Saturday morning we gathered our camping supplies and clothes and began to make the drive towards Trinidad. My dad has always been one for enjoying the journey so we made sure to pause at almost every intriguing roadside attraction that pulled us off course. Admiring the landscapes around us, singing loudly to our favorite songs, and stopping to enjoy ice cream made the road trip especially memorable.

We finally pulled into our campsite in the early evening and admired each run down motel and lodge we passed – they add the most quaint feeling to the area, as if it could be 1930 or 2015 and if you abandon your calendar you have no real way of knowing which it really is. We hiked out to a beautiful point on an outcropping above the ocean, ran in the waves, and ate delicious fresh seafood for dinner.

In the morning we drank coffee among the redwood trees, ate a hearty breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse, watched the Kinetic Sculpture Competition from the Eureka Plaza, ran and played on the beach, read books, and toured HSU. After a very full day of beauty and enjoyment we scrambled back into our car and drove home by the light of the sunset, still singing all of our favorite songs.


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